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This is really dangerous

i'm going to prove the impossible really exists

queen ani
12 February
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my amigos, visual arts, musicka, sleep, acting, mix tapes, eyeliner, taking pictures, "night of the living dead - the musical!", food, reading, curse words, webdesign, videogames, snailmail, my room, making out, sneakers, zines, my pets, winamp, big headphones, photoshop, traveling

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assholes, organized religion, meat, avril lavigne, dissapointment, mtv, angsty drama, cleaning, math

bjork, radiohead, beck, the pixies, ladytron, yeah yeah yeahs, ani difranco, sahara hotnights, le tigre, jeff buckley, sigur ros, the smashing pumpkins, fiona apple, air, garbage, tricky, bikini kill, tsunami bomb, lollipop lustkill, mindless self indulgence, tub ring, the cardigans, felix da housecat, the white stripes, miss kittin, clinic, venus hum, cibo matto, the latch bros, sleater-kinney, lamb, portishead, jurassic 5, meg lee chin, tabla beat science, cat power, blue dahlia, supreme beings of leisure, blur, melt banana, joan jett, the who, more

, agnosticism, andy warhol, angelina jolie, ani difranco, anti-avril, art, bags, bass guitar, beck, bettie page, bif naked, billie holiday, bjork, black, blur, bracelettes, buffy the vampire slayer, buttercup, cartoons, cat power, cherry, chick bands, chicks on speed, chocolate, chuck taylors, cibo matto, coca-cola, collage, colours, cuteness, danger, david bowie, dead or alive, death cab for cutie, diet coke, diy, dj shadow, drawing, elastica, electronica, equality, ewan mcgreggor, eyeliner, fashion, faux fur, felix da housecat, feminism, fiona apple, francesca lia block, garbage, glasses, glitter, graffiti, greta garbo, guitar, hamtaro, homestarrunner.com, independant media, invader zim, jazz, jeff buckley, jetset radio, jurassic 5, katharine hepburn, kissing, kittie, ladytron, lamb, laziness, le tigre, leopard print, lola rennt, lollipop lustkill, love, magic tricks, making things, massive attack, meg lee chin, milla jovovich, miss kittin, mix tapes, moby, mod style, moulin rouge, nick drake, nusrat fateh ali khan, nyc, orchids, painting, penpals, photography, piercings, pj harvey, poe, poetry, pop art, portishead, prismacolor, punk rock, radiohead, red, retro porn, rock, rocket power, run lola run, sahara hotnights, screaming, sewing, silver, sketching, sleater-kinney, sleep, snail mail, spencer tracey, stars, strongbad, sushi, system of a down, tarot, tatu, tea, techno, the cardigans, the clash, the kinks, the latch brothers, the matrix, the pillowbook, the pixies, the powerpuff girls, the sugarcubes, the white stripes, theatre, thrift shopping, tofu, tokyo, tolerance, trading spaces, tsunami bomb, vandalism, vegetarianism, video games, web design, witchbaby, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, zines