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This is really dangerous [entries|friends|calendar]
queen ani

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checkcheck 1-2 [12 Aug 2003|11:19am]
[ mood | content ]

okay, here it goes. new journal, friends only, so comment there if you wanna be added!


in other news: ANI GOT A CAR!!!!!!!!!

the end. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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last concerts [10 Aug 2003|02:21pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

after near annihilation @ the tool concert last year, i've been taking it easy on the shows. the last 2 i went to were mindless self indulgence and sleater-kinney. i FINALLY got pictures back, thought i'd share a few.

moshCollapse )

ps. i'll be getting a new, PAID account very soon. if you would like to stay on my friends list for that, lemme know.

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[10 Aug 2003|09:37am]
i can't really understand why someone has such a problem with me. but more importantly, i don't care anymore. they can fuck themselves, i'm done. if they have to spend hours behind their keyboard plotting new ways to tell me how much i suck, they really aren't worth any of my time.

oh, and no, i won't go shoot myself. thanks for the advice, fucker. get a new hobby, i don't care anymore.

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[09 Aug 2003|03:19pm]

Which Donnie Darko character are you? by Shay</font>

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lazy day [09 Aug 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

today's horoscope:
"Comfort is your main concern. Real adventure lies off in the distance, but you'll think about it once you've had some rest. Familiar surroundings are a beautiful sight for tired eyes."


ps. some random loser steals a friend's lj account and changes the password, while posting dumbass perv entries that you can tell are a lame attempt to be funny. its sort of annoying, what do you suggest we should do about it? i mean, look @ this shit.

i'm guessing it's someone who reads my journal, since you pulled the last picture off of an entry of mine and went to all the fucking trouble of saving it on another server. what a huge project this must be to be such a dumbfuck. so whoever it is needs to get a fucking life or go to hell.

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mmm... souls. [06 Aug 2003|09:36pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

i'm thirsty... who wants to give ani their soul?


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[06 Aug 2003|06:50pm]
i want to change my identity.

i'd like to be sexy so i can destroy those who deserve it. i'd like some super powers, too, if at all possible. i need to be smart, of course, and have just enough talent to be special but not so much that people hate me. you know, just like everyone, i'd like all the things i don't have.


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favourite movies [06 Aug 2003|01:38pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

(in no real order)

run lola run / lola rennt
donnie darko
pulp fiction
moulin rouge
ghost world
the pillow book
requiem for a dream
the fight club
hedwig and the angry inch
dancer in the dark
the matrix
vanilla sky
edward scissorhands
the life of david gale
girl, interrupted
whale rider
the laberynth
the princess and the warrior
slc punk
almost famous
bowling for columbine
the wizard of oz
american beauty
battle royale
the 5th element
spirited away
pirates of the carribean
alice in wonderland
to kill a mockingbird

i'm drawing a blank. i'll probly add to this later. anyone have any i forgot?

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[05 Aug 2003|01:07pm]
rundown of recent activityCollapse )

i found more baby pics and stuff, thought i'd share.

more awwsCollapse )
otay. goodbye for now.

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cuz i can. [03 Aug 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | weird ]

+2Collapse )

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[03 Aug 2003|01:03pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

yesterday i was @ a wedding. i've known this girl since i was born, and it's really strange to see her grown up. i mean... come on... lookCollapse )
and now she's married? i mean... weird. she was beautiful though, and she looked so happy. i was really glad for her. her whole family is so sweet. her father died a few years back, and her brother gave her away. it was sad...

anyway. i get to make a teddy bear bday cake for my little cousin's fourth bday. she's adorable as hell. i should take pictures @ the party today. '

okay, i should start baking now. i hope it turns out well, or i'll feel so bad! i shouldn't have volunteered to do something i suck @. but oh well.


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[01 Aug 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

things are going well.

today was the last day of theatre. both nights went well, although opening night was by far better. so today was cleanup and party. i got best actress this year. for those who don't know (which i'm guessing is everyone reading this) the award for that is a pair of old moldy glittery shoes nailed to a board. it was made in the 70s, it's pretty funny.

then andy came over and we finally went to see "pirates of the carribean". johnny depp, as always, made me happy. he's too fucking awesome for this world. but even better than the movie was the fact that i got to DRIVE there. goddess this feels good.

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guess what! [31 Jul 2003|05:21pm]
ANI IS NOW A LISCENCED DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[31 Jul 2003|10:23am]
[ mood | groggy ]

the shows went very very well last night. it was a happy time, one that i think i really needed. i can't believe it's my 10th and last year. theatre filled my childhood, i don't know what i'd do without it.

today's my driving test. cross your fingers, say a prayer, light a candle, etc for me! i reallllllly want this! oof. i'm nervous.

jonniliciousCollapse )

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[30 Jul 2003|08:20am]
if anyone in the area wants to see my shows tonight and tomorrow, lemme know and i'll give you info.

also, thanks for the support during harder times. i appreciate it greatly. ♥

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[27 Jul 2003|06:43pm]
[ mood | okay ]

here's my new hair and a couple new things. if you don't like my ugly mug, don't click. it's that simple!Collapse )

okay so my new mix tape is just about finished, if anyone wants one. lemme know.

today al, katherine and i went shopping for directors gifts. i will NOT miss this responsibility when i'm done with theatre. out of my 10 years, i've done gifts for maybe 5. its a pain in the ass! not because i dont like giving shit. i love that part. its just collecting money from irresponsible kids, collaberating with ppl who have different ideas, going 100 places for exactly the right things... UGH!

okay, nuffa that. i'm excited to get my liscence, man. very.

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[26 Jul 2003|08:18pm]
my mom took me to ann arbor today. its a hard day for her. it would have been my parents' wedding anniversary.

so we shopped a lot. she's too generous, it makes me feel kind of bad. but i appreciate it. i got some shirts that make me laugh. "my other jesus is a camaro", "we be illin' - sacred heart childrens hospital" and a pig with flowers saying "please don't eat me. i love you!"... also got a couple hats and a pair of glasses. finally got a real copy of ladytron's "604" and tubring. fun.

i'm dying my hair now. finally. i'm also working on my mix tape, so be excited, my beloveds!

oh and if i get another negative comment from a lame hacker wannabe, i won't be surprised or anything. it's pretty irritating, but it's no more irritating than 100 other things. i'll get over it. so feel free to save your time, dear, and you can save me the time from hitting the "delete" button.

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[23 Jul 2003|07:22pm]
to those who love me and make me feel good: thank you and i love you.

to those who piss me off and put me down: fuck you.

anonymous comments are completely blocked, so lata gata.

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looky what i maaade [22 Jul 2003|10:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i KNOW this is gonna offend somebody. but behold... DARTH JESUS!

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updates [22 Jul 2003|07:26pm]
[ mood | blah ]

okay, what's goin on with ani...

i'm taking my driving test a week from thursday! i can't wait to get my liscence. oh goddess i can't wait. i hope i hope i pass. i'm scared because i want it so bad. and once i get it, i get to drive the . it's what i've been driving, and it's so smooth sailing in there. i love it. oooo. enough of this.

my shows for theatre are the 30th and 31st. it should be pretty good. anyone around here wanna come?

i'm forming insomnia. i think i have a lot of things on my mind. i go to sleep for 5 minutes and wake up again. it's starting to make me really messed up during the days.

i made graydiaries a new layout, check it out. i think its pretty, if i do say so myself.

i talked to my dad. he's been packing up my stuff from the apartment. i think he's gonna store stuff in my old room. it hurts really bad. i feel so abandoned by him. it makes me appreciate this new relationship i have with my mother. she's been so wonderful.

i'm pretty sad today. i feel like i can't handle everything. i feel ugly ("maybe it's because you are") i don't know how to make it better. my head hurts and i wish the phone would ring for me right now.

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